List of published work


Kitchen Garden Magazine: ‘Haslingfield Allotments: towards a self-managed site.’ (Oct 2007). ‘Food for the Table’, (May 2008). ‘A Guide to Growing Asparagus.’ (Feb 2009). ‘Working The Land In Cooperation – the merits of allotments,’ (Apr 2009).

Allotment and Leisure Gardener, (Issue 2, 2008), ‘Working on the Land: allotment legislation for the 21st century.’

Country Life, Jan 25, 2009; ‘Raised beds versus open row cultivation: a comparison;’ Nov 4, 2009, ‘The Year of Mellow Fruitfulness,’ (the pumpkin and squash harvest). Dec 2, 2009, ‘Another Fine Vintage,’ (a roundup of the gardening year).


The Countryman, Jan, 2010, ‘Clunch Time For Building.’ (Article on the clunch pits of S. Cambs.)

Walk  (magazine of the Rambler’s Association), August 2010, circular Shepreth-Harlton walk with description of route and travel details.

September 2013: The Pilgrimage to Our Lady of White hill: Antiquaries, local historians and the formation of an historical tradition. (RiverRhee Publishing). Price £6. To order a copy leave a reply in the comment field with your contact details and I will get in touch.

In Progress: ‘The Heart of Greengage Country’: A History of Fruit Farming in South Cambs. Publication date to follow.

ACADEMIC – articles based on historical research.

Trade Unions, Gladstonian Liberals and the Labour Law Reforms of 1875’, in EF Biagini and A Reid, Currents of Radicalism; popular radicalism, organised labour and party politics 1850-1914, CUP 1991.

Free Trade and “ The Food of the People”; the Liberal Opposition to the Cattle Diseases Act of 1878’, in EF Biagini Citizenship, Liberty and Community, CUP 1996.

Review Article in Parliamentary History on Mark Curthoys, ‘Governments, Labour, and the Law in Mid-Victorian Britain. The Trade Union Legislation of the 1870s’, Oxford, 2004.

New Dictionary of National Biography. Numerous articles on 18th Century military men and 19th Century reformers.

ARCHIVAL – articles derived from MSS collections I have catalogued:

Bulletin of the Friends of Cambridge University Library: 2001, no. 23, pp. 18-22; ‘The Battersby Papers.’ 2002, No. 23, pp.10-18, ‘The Drummond Wolff Papers.’ 2003, no. 24, pp. 8-9, ‘The Romilly Papers’, pp.25-29, ‘Manuscripts of Empire’- a survey of recent acquisitions. 2004, No. 25, pp.33-36, ‘Military Memorabilia of the First World War’ (the scrapbooks of Captain Arthur Temple Clarke).

Journal of the Society for Army Historical Research, Spring 2006, vol. 84, nos. 337, pp. 34-41, ‘Frederick Turner: An Artillery Officer in Flanders ,1918-19’.

Summary on-line catalogues on Cambridge University Library’s miltary and naval mss archives.


6 Responses to List of published work

  1. Keith Scott says:

    Hi Jonathan

    I am interested in buying a copy of “The Pilgrimage to Our Lady of White hill: Antiquaries, local historians and the formation of an historical tradition.”



  2. Sue Williams says:

    I would also like a copy of “Our Lady of White Hill” please.

  3. Tony Wing says:

    Hi Jonathan, I’m interested in buying some of your publications. Can you, please let me know how I go about it? Thanks Tony

    • Hi Tony

      The only book available at present is the one on the Haslingfield Pilgrimage site. If you live in South Cambs. I can drop it off or you can collect. Price £6. Further afield I will have to work out postage cost.

  4. Hi Jonathan,
    I’d be very keen to buy a copy of “The Pilgrimage to Our Lady of White hill”. I live in Cambridge but I’m happy to collect if that’s the easiest thing for you.

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