Local History: talks and workshops


See ‘About’ for professional experience as a practitioner in the world of research and archives. Jonathan has been living in and researching about South Cambs.,  in the valley of the Rhee since the 1980s.

Talks/Workshops on offer:

Studying the history of the Rhee Valley; sources and methodologies.

The Rhee valley: a ‘distinct’ geographical and historical setting.

Old tracks and roads of Cambridge and its hinterland.

The Icknield Way: myth or reality?

The Rhee valley at the time of the Roman Conquest.

The ‘Clunch’ pits of South Cambridgeshire.

The Rhee valley in the 19th century: the coming of the railways and economic development.

‘The Heart of Greengage Country’. The History of Fruit Farming in the Rhee Valley.

The Pilgrimage to ‘Our Lady of the White Hill’: Local Antiquaries and Historians and the Making of a Historical Tradition.

These talks or workshops may be of interest to local community groups, voluntary organisations and schools. If interested please leave a reply in the comment box and I will get back to you.Or you can contact me via Linkedin at http://www.linkedin.com/in/jonathanspain

8 Responses to Local History: talks and workshops

  1. Lesley Ford says:

    Dear Jonathan
    Would you be available and willing to give your clunch pits talk to the newly formed Stapleford History Society on the evening of Tuesday July 9th?
    If so could you advise of your fee and if you would be able to talk at 7.30pm
    Many thanks
    Lesley Ford

  2. Jane Bowden says:

    Dear Jonathan
    Longstowe History Society is in the process of putting together a programme for the coming year and our members have indicated considerable interest in the title of your talk “Old tracks and roads of Cambridge and its hinterland”. Would you be available to give this talk to us on Tuesday 6th June this year, 2017? I would be most grateful if you could let me know as soon as possible. Please email as below.
    Kind regards
    Jane Bowden

  3. Lee Anne West says:

    Dear Jonathan
    Are you able to help me with historic records relating to footpaths in the Steeple Morden area of South Cambridgeshire?

  4. colourspiral says:

    Jonathan. Have you any info on orchards in Haslingfield before 1913? My great grandfather Henry John Charles was farming Stearne’s farm and was chairman of the Fruit Growers of Haslingfield. They sent fruit to Manchester markets. Before that the Hall family ran the farm, also my ancestors. I am writing a book about them. Rosemary

    • Rosemary

      Thanks for your enquiry. I have concentrated on the villages in the Cam valley in terms of local research on orchards. To find out more about orchards and farms in Haslingfield before 1913 (and after) I would start with the large scale OS maps in the Cambridgeshire Collection at Cambridge Central Library. Also The relevant vol. of the Victoria County History. At the county record office – Cambs. Archives, now moved to Ely, there are land tax valuation records which list orchards attached to properties. You may also find refs to Steane’s farm in local valuers and estate agents records at Cambs. Archives – which you can search via the online database. Interesting to hear of your grandfather’s involvement withe the local fruit growers association – did he leave any papers?


      Jon Spain

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