Fruit Farming in South Cambs: writing a history

Having spent much of 2013 and early 2014 researching the history of fruit farming in South Cambs., I have completed the introduction and first chapter. I am having a break at present before returning to work on this project in September.

I have divided the book into three sections. The first contains chapters on the origins and history of the fruits grown in the district; greengages, plums, apples, pears and soft fruits; the second section looks at the geographical development of the orchards in and around the villages and the social history of fruit growing – its impact on village life and the role of particular families in this industry. The third section looks at the economic and organisational history of fruit farming in South Cambs. from the mid 19th century to modern times. Its a story of the rise and eventual decline of a once important local industry and the reasons behind this.

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My blog reflects my interests in local history in South Cambridgeshire, growing your own food, and walking in the district and elsewhere
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