Allotment Diary: July 2013

Things are now moving on apace down at the plot. The onions and garlic and potatoes are looking very good. The broad beans, beetroot and chard are coming along at last. Some French dwarf beans are starting to develop. My pumpkins and squashes and courgettes are mostly well established but I will be giving them liquid feed to help them along. I have some cabbages doing rather well, under mesh netting to protect them from insects.

I have runner beans and tomatoes growing at home in the garden and on the patio (respectively) and I have just potted on some spring greens ready to plant out later in July/early August to over-winter. I aslo have a tray of leeks, which are not quite ready to ‘dib in’ to the small plot in the rear garden. So things are looking good for now. We have had some rain including at night which has helped, so I have not had to do excessive watering.

I have some additional help at the moment because my son, Nathaniel, is home from University. So we shall be tackling the big task of fencing the new plot (b).

The soft fruit bushes are loaded with fruit and we shall begin picking in a couple of weeks or so, starting with the gooseberries. We only had a few strawberries, because these are newly planted from last years runners. Next year we should get a good crop.

Our asparagus crop this year was excellent!

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My blog reflects my interests in local history in South Cambridgeshire, growing your own food, and walking in the district and elsewhere
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