Allotment Diary: December 2012

Since my last blog the weather has been very wet and the ground has become waterlogged so work has ground to a halt. This year has been one of the most difficult I have had for vegetable growing.

I have harvested some celeriac and parsnips in recent days and I will be down at the plot at the weekend to dig up some more for the Christmas period.

With hands idle thoughts turn to plans for next year. We need a dry January-February to let the water table go down but even with normal rainfall it looks like a late start next year for spring sowings.

I was intending to finish off the fencing of the new plot I have taken on but with the ground covered in pools of standing water even this contruction work is not possible.

Lets hope I have more to report in January!

About jonathanspain

My blog reflects my interests in local history in South Cambridgeshire, growing your own food, and walking in the district and elsewhere
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