Walks by streams and rivers in South Cambridgeshire update

Elsewhere I have described the walk from Shepreth tracing the course of the river Shep to its source at Fowlmere. There are a number of attractive walks by streams and rivers in the valley of the river Rhee or Cam.

At Meldreth, opposite the Church there is a footpath leading to the old water mill  on the Melde and then on through a meadow to follow the course of the stream all the way to Melbourn. Much of this is within woodland and makes a delightful walk. (see blog on The River Melde Restoration Group)

At Shepreth (again) on the road to Barrington just before the bridge there is a carpark at the start of the riverside walk, by the side of the Rhee. This leads on into a narrow belt of woodland before coming out on the Malton lane.   From Shepreth you can also follow the course of the river Shep to its confluence with the Rhee. From the bridge take Angle Lane round to the level crossing and then follow the path by the side of the stream down to the bottom of the field and then turn right until you come to a series of footbridges leading over the Rhee and into Barrington. At the second footbridge there is a style leading into a nature reserve, which was once a water meadow by the river. From here you have picturesque views of Bulbeck Mill and the river with numerous willows along its banks.

At Grantchester there is the walk to Byron’s pool, where a  short circular walk has been created by the River Cam, below the confluence of the Rhee and Granta tributaries.

At Harston, just down past the Church there is a good walk along Button End to the Rhee and footbridge leading over to Haslingfield. However there is also a discretionary footpath leading back along the riverside to Button End.  From Harston Church you can also walk over the road bridge, leading towards Haslingfield and take the footpath on the left, which eventually leads back to the riverside before going on to Barrington.

Beyond Cambridge  you can walk along the bank of the Cam all the way to Ely! One day I shall walk this route and write a blog about it.


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