Allotment Law Reform:

For those that might be interested, I have posted a lengthier article on this subject in my ‘Allotment Law Reform’ pages, first published in 2008 in Allotment and Leisure Gardener, the journal of the NSALG.

The case for further legislation grows ever more pressing. A report in the Guardian of January 4, 2010 (Grow Your Own Food Revolution. Plans to seed unused land,’) refers to the recent cross-departmental report – ‘Food 2030’ – calling for greater national food self-sufficiency. As part of this the report suggests unused development land might be made available for temporary allotments and community farms. But short term temporary leases are (by definition) not a long term answer; potential growers want to have ¬†security of tenure before investing their time and energy in taking on such a labour intensive project as setting up allotments.

The national shortage of allotments requires new legislation to provide funds and machinery for the purchase of new land by local councils and voluntary agencies for permanent sites.


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